PODA celebrates International Women’s Day with Swiss Embassy Islamabad

Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA) organized a panel on ‘Women Rights: challenges and opportunities in Pakistan” on the occasion of International Women Day in Swiss Embassy, Islamabad. The aim of the panel was to discuss the issues faced by women in Pakistan and an overview of implementation of pro women laws in Pakistan. Dr. Parveen Ashraf, Executive Director, PODA while speaking on the event said “Be bold for change and pledge for parity and all stakeholders should play their role to bridge gender gap” She demanded that “Government should formulate policies for effective implementation of pro women and laws and must legislate to address domestic violence against women”

Advocate Hifsa Bukhari- Chairman Anti Corruption Lawyers Forum highlighted issues of women rights and said that “Women are not aware about their legal rights and attitude of the society towards women rights is not favorable” She also demanded that “There should be no discrimination on the bases of gender in whole legal process and judiciary and government should ensure protection of legal rights of women and provide conducive environment for women in all legal processes” She added that “Steps should be taken to abolish parallel legal customary institutions and proper mechanism should be provided to access all the legal system to get speedy justice”

Advocate Khawaja Zahid Nasim-Legal Adviser, PODA shared that “Government should provide sanctuary and shelter homes for women victims and survivors of violence”. He said that “Economic empowerment can play an integral role to address GBV issues as the woman who is economically empowered can live a violence free life”. 

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