Rural Women Day: Tarar for building trust of rural women in government policies

The government is taking all possible steps to address the problems faced by the rural women and there is a dire need to build trust of rural women in government policies. This was stated by Federal Minister for Human Rights Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar while addressing an event organized in connection with Rural Women Day by Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA) here on Tuesday.

This conference is an appropriate step not only to bridge the gap between the government and rural women but also to build trust of women in the government. The policies of present government depict needs, thoughts and suggestions of rural women and show the confidence on development projects of the government.

He was of the view that Pakistan highly values and respects its senior citizens and strives to maintain their dignity and integrity. He stated that the guiding principle for the promotion and protection of senior citizens and their basic fundamental rights include equality, principles of non-discrimination and taking special measures to ensure their protection as embedded in the provisions of the Constitution of Pakistan.

He further said that the government has put in place many laws for women rights and their betterment. Many institutions, like NCHR, PCSWs, NCSW, along with the Ministry of Human Rights have supplied volunteer lawyers and help lines to support women subjected of torture and harassment. In his concluding remarks, the federal minister assured that the Ministry of Human Rights will strive for national policy making with regard to rural women and will work with the network of rural women.

"Gender equality is essential for development of Pakistan. Plan International's global takeovers provide an excellent opportunity to encourage girls to claim challenging positions in society," Tarar said. Earlier, addressing another event Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar said that Pakistan being a party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and other core human rights conventions is committed to protecting the rights of children, particularly of the girls.

Pakistan has always been among the forefront nations advocating the child rights. He said, "Our tradition of commitment to children's rights continues in the state policies. The government of Pakistan is carrying forward an agenda for substantial reforms which will have a better impact on the lives of female children."

He further said, "Our religion Islam enjoins upon us the sacred task of care, protection and welfare of girls. In the light of Islamic teachings, we are committed to providing a congenial environment especially to the girls where they can enjoy protection from all forms of discrimination and violence. The present government lays special emphasis on safeguarding the rights of children. We have undertaken legislative and administrative reforms to make Pakistan a discrimination free country by eliminating discrimination against girls at home, work place or in the society."

He explained that the Ministry of Human Rights has been mandated to review human rights situation in the country including implementation of policies, laws and programmes to promote and protect human rights. In this regard, the ministry has taken initiatives for harmonization of legislation, regulations and practices in line with the international human rights covenants and national obligations.

At the end of the speech, he said, "To ensure protection of the rights of the girls, we need to involve relevant stakeholders at all levels for the creation of peaceful environment both at home, work and also in the society at large." He called upon all the government institutions and civil society organizations to play a vital role in the socialization of the citizens.

He assured that full commitment of the present government to implement the agenda of rights of the girls. He invited the civil society and all stakeholders to come forward and play their role in realizing the dream of making Pakistan a country free from discrimination and violence.

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