PARWAZ Radio Programmes (Aao Baat Kerien!)

Public Service Message by Celebrities to End Gender Based Violence 

- A Project Supported by the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan. The project is being implemented by PODA and its partner networks of change, a US-based social justice organization.

Public Service Messages by Celebrities 

Kishwar Naheed

Arieb Azhar

Arieb AzherKishwarNaheed

1st Series of Radio Programs Connecting GBV and discrimination against women with their true stories and challenges they faced with their resolve to succeed

Program 1: Stories of Huma and Najma, Sindh, and Asma,Kallar Sayedan on domestic violence  Program 2: Discussion with Noshaba Arif and Deeba Rana on women empowerment through PODA

Program 3: Discussion with Hira and story of Ayesha on gender, with reference to female cooksProgram 4: Story of Faryal Syed from Quetta on the importance of education

Program 5: Story of Samar Khan becoming empowered through acquiring livelihood skills and becoming aware of her  rights with the help of PODAProgram 6: Stories of Bushra, Mahira, and Salma on early marriage

Program 7: Story of medical doctor, singer, and social, political, and women’s rights activist, Dr. Nagina from Mandi Bahauddin Program 8: Stories of Deeba and Asifa on empowerment through the building of livelihood skills with the assistance of PODA

Program 9: Advocate Khawaja Zahid Nasim speaks on the difficulties usually face while accessing to justice system in Pakistan Program 10: Program on International Women’s Day and women’s rights movement in Pakistan featuring Noshaba Arif and Kishwar Naheed

Program 11: Discussion with Hira and Ayesha on equal pay, and Aqeela Naz speaks on resolutions passed at PODA’s 2016 Rural Woman Day conference Program 12: Interview with Saira Shams who is wheel-chair user and a politician with a commitment to change lives of persons with disability

Program 13: Interview of Khursheed Bano, Union Women Leader, and political and women’s rights activist, KPKProgram 14: Interview of 1st  woman sports journalist Afia Salaam 

Program 15: Success story of first Pakistani woman in car rental business Safia Khurshid Program 16: Story of Bushra on receiving training in livelihood skills from PODA, and discussion with Noshaba and Sehrish on CEDAW, education,  and rural women

Program 17: Discussion with Bushra and Mahira on early marriage in English.PSA-Education: Public Service Announcement on the  importance of education for children, with emphasis on the importance of girl child education

PSA-Inheritance: Public Service Announcement of inheritance rights for women 
PSA-Wheel Chair User: Public Service Announcement on wheelchair accessibility

2nd Series of PARWAZ Radio Program's on Legal Literacy 

Program 1: Barrister Munawar Iqbal Duggal explains basic terminologies used in legal processesProgram 2: Advocate Khawaja Zahid Nasim explains basic terminologies used in legal processes

Program 3: Advocate Khawaja Zahid Nasim explains basic terminologies used in legal processesProgram 4: Two lawyers, Ms. Hifza Bukhari and Ms. Yasmin Qazi are explaining whole process involved with regard to Anti-Harassment Act


Program 5: Two prominent lawyers, Wasal Khan and Arshad Zaman Kiyani talk on Guardian's Act.Program 6: Barrister Munawar Iqbal Duggal talks on inheritance law and relevant sections 498.

Program 7: Barrister Munawar Iqbal Duggal explains section 509 (Anti-Harassment Act).Program 8: 

Two lawyers, Ms. Hifza Bukhari and Ms. Yasmin Qazi are explaining whole process involved with regard to nikhanama - a primary document that needs to be fulfilled with caution and responsibility.


Program 9: Prominent lawyer, Mujtaba Haider Sherazi talks elaboratively on Khula.Program 10: Barrister Munawar Iqbal Duggal explains the law and relevant sections of forced marriage that is a crime.


Program 11: Advocate Hifza Bukhari is talking on full document of nikhanama.Program 12: Barrister Munawar Iqbal Duggal is explaining sections 496 A, B and C of Women Protection Bill of 2006.


Program 13: Barrister Munawar Iqbal Duggal explains traditions which discriminate women like Vani and Sawara which are now a serious punishable crime.Program 14: Prominent lawyer, Mujtaba Haider Sherazi talks elaboratively on Talaq.

Program 15: Barrister Munawar Iqbal Duggal explains in detail section 13, 14, 15 and 16 of  nikahnama.Program 16: Two lawyers, Wasal Khan and Arshad Zaman Kiyan talk on overall legislation due to which situation for working has been improved. 


Program 17: Barrister Munawar Iqbal Duggal explains anti-acid law and its relevant section 336-B.Program-18: Discussion on overall situation with regard to women and men in Pakistani society.

Program 19: Discussion on overall situation with regard to pro-women legislation.


Live Call - in Radio Show - "Aao Baat Kerien! (Urdu for let's talk)" 

1st Live Call-in Show: GBV Anti-Harrasement Act2nd Live Call-in Show : GBV Nikahanama, Khula & Talaq

3rd Live Call-in Show: GBV Higher Education 4th Live Call-in Show: GBV and Domestics Violence

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