Children’s access to education is a right

The Universal Children’s Day is celebrated all around the world today (November 20). While today is a day to celebrate children and the recognition of their rights, it should also remind us of our responsibility as adults, governments, and...

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Community Newsletter (Konpal)

PODA has been busy conducting great activities and initiatives. To share news about those activities with all our supporters and well-wishers our team has launched “Konpal” (budding sprout), a bi-monthly news...

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Refugees: A global challenge, and a global opportunity

A global crisis demands a global response. Nowhere is this more apparent than when looking at how the world responds to refugees and mass migration - an issue that leaves virtually no corner of the globe untouched.

There are more p...

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Pakistani startup Cowlar wins Rs1m prize money in competition

Cowlar, a Pakistani startup firm has received 1 million rupees in prize money after winning the Pakistan Startup Cup, ProPakistani ...

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The roots of misogyny

THE outpouring of anger and revulsion at the recent spate of murders of young women who tried to exercise their basic rights will go to waste if the causes of increase in such cases are not seriously tackled.

The first thing to be noted a...

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A question of honour - By Anees Jillani

May 13, 2016

Sixteen-year-old Ambreen was dragged out of her house by one Sardar Saeed on the night of April 29 in Makol village near the town of Dunga Gali, located in dist...

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For women’s empowerment- I.A. REHMAN

As a welcome change, this year’s May Day celebrations, demonstrations and debates gave considerable space not only to the challenges faced by women workers but also to the bitter struggle the women of this country have been forced to wage ...

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